Caring for Flu and Viral Respiratory Infections At Home

Some words are coded due to fB censorship

I have selected 5 leading treatments for virus that have been repressed by the media and conventional medicine, that is big pharma driven. This does not mean that individual cases may not require something adjunctive also. This is a basic guideline. Feel free to copy this and share it. I am updating it periodically as new information comes in.

Be sure to read the comments at the end of the article for more information.

As a preventative

A. C*D (chlorine dioxide) 2 to 6 drops, as tolerated, 2 to 3 times a day. gargle it in your throat for a second before you swallow. Use a few ounces water to mix with, or apple juice that has no added vitamin c, as it is thought c will weaken C*D.

If you still get the virus we need to look at other treatment options than C*D but C*D is proving in studies out of Eucador and Europe to be an effective treatment. The president of Bolivia is now distributing it to the people.

B. Lugol’s iodine 10 drops orally in water 1 hour before going into public as a preventative. Lugol’s has an affinity to mucous membranes and can kill virus, per Dr. Jonathan Wright.

A good hand sanitizer used after public encounters. If you choose to use gloves for whatever reason learn how to remove gloves correctly on YouTube. An alcohol based or an essential oil sanitizer after removal of gloves.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTYioOo__6U

Essentially, unless you work in the medical profession gloves are a waste of time and money.  Wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer. Dont touch your face.  Many hand sanitizers are now proving to be toxic. Find one at a health food store that doesn’t use strange chemicals.

I made my own hand sanitizer out of aloe vera gel with a strong colloidal silver added and some rubbing alcohol,  enough CS to the point that the gel looks yellow. Fully non-toxic.

Vitamin B6 has been reported to help neutralize a cytokine storm or prevent it. There isn’t much info on this but it is an inexpensive addition that will not hurt you in any way.

These are basically Dr Brownstein’s vitamin recommendations and should be used with all the protocols: D3 10,000 IU daily as long as the virus is around…standard dose is 5,000IU daily for an adult. If you get sick increase to 50,000 IU 3 times a day for a few days. Dr. Brownstein has had great success in treating and curin this disease. For this he has been run off of youtube, Facebook, google and his website purged of all Covid information.

This video explains the extraordinary need for vitamin D3. Don’t bypass it. You should have your levels at least at 70, minimum. 


Zinc Picolinate 200mg a day when ill. About 200mg when sick and 20 to 30 mg a day when well. High dosages of zinc for longer than a month can lead to copper imbalances. Avoid that or supplement with a good quality copper supplement, but don’t overdo it. 

Vitamin A daily 100,000 IU daily during illness

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (but not if your using chlorine dioxide or ozone) Take vitamin c at least one hour after these treatments. Below you will find a chart on how to take this much vitamin c.. or you might find a doctor that does vitamin C IVs.. which should be at least 30 grams

Selenium 200mcg a day – reduces inflammation


COVID-19 CAUSES LOSS OF TASTE AND SMELL in many but not all cases.



A study from 2014 shows that Quercetin may be an effective zinc ionophore.  An ionofore is a substance that facilitates  the transport of other substances across the cell wall.  Hydroxychloroquine is an ionophore that assists with transporting zinc into the cell where it can kill virus.  If you are not taking hydroxychloroquine add 500 to 1000mg of Quercetin daily to help zinc get into the cell.

QUERCETIN AS A ZINC IONOPORE STUDY: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25050823/

B MULTIVITAMIN… I get Life Extensions’ Bioactive B Complex.. that’s a B100 formula, where two pills are required a day. Taking one a day is sufficient, making it a very affordable product.

Some doctors, including Brownstein, are finding Glutathione effective to reduce inflammation in the lungs. Here is an article on it but you must be a health profession to purchase this particular product: https://nypost.com/2020/05/09/new-york-mom-with-coronavirus-saved-by-medical-student-son/?fbclid=IwAR0emNhGTptzaIH4P5qfpATbpkBtKXv6VFX4fG7YnfgWbxmEKriTy-3-DXw

Livonlabs makes liposomal glutathione and it’s a company I trust.  This would only be required if you are having a hard time with this disease or if you are elderly. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004KU5S4E/ref=emc_b_5_i?fbclid=IwAR3FudNKdon-pxOx5a26PUX1r5_qlgRqN2G0l_9DYAa9sYfVU5ubR3w7Acc

Here is another option: https://www.drvitaminsolutions.com/products/Empirical-Labs-Liposomal-Reduced-Glutathione-4-oz-Liquid/

This is a video you all must watch.

Treatment Option 1 – H2O2 (please note that some treatment options can be combined)

Dr Brownstein, of iodine fame, has reported that he has successfully treated his patients with vitamins as noted here, but also with a Hydrogen Peroxide nebulizer which is an important part of his protocol as well as ozone therapy for the more severe cases.  Brownstein has many video testimonials from his patients on nebulizing H202 during COVID pneumonia. Unfortunately youtube has censored his videos and I could only find two of them for you. Here’s one of them. https://youtu.be/fdat7OrEnK8 (now cenored. they have all been removed under threat from the FCC no less)

Note: Dr Brownsteins protocol includes the nutrients listed in the opening of this article

And here a link similar to Brownstein’s protocol for nebulzing hydrogen peroxide – H2O2. Treatments are every 3 to 4 hours when awake and Dr Brownstein thinks it will be better to do the nebulizer treatments BEFORE breathing difficulties start. If your breathing difficulties are severe and bothering you a lot you can do a treatment every hour. Add one drop of Lugol’s iodine to each nebulizer treatment: https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/Jj82kQLeJTFDcYo 

Please note that Dr. Levy is now telling us that 3% H202 is safe for most people via nebulization. Food grade is best.  Some sensitive people will have to dilute it some, so test the waters with a dilution first. Dr Brownstein diluted it a lot for his patients but it may not be necessary. Again, test the waters for the proper dilution for you. You can download Ley’s  free book just released August, 2021. Get it here: https://rvr.medfoxpub.com 

Dr Brownstein has been censored and shut down and all his videos have been removed from youtube regarding the current epidemic.

 To make a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer you need to purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide. Food grade peroxide at 35 or 50% strength is very caustic so be careful. Handle it like its an acid. … You need to reduce some down to 3% hydrogen peroxide. 

If you have 35% food grade peroxide put one ounce into a suitable bottle and add 11 ounces preferably distilled water. I use old hydrogen peroxide bottles from the pharmacy. Don’t use regular pharmacy H202 because it has contaminates in it. (I’ve just found out that 3% food grade H2O2 is now available on line if you look around) 

One treatment is 3ml of 3% food grade peroxide that has been further diluted in Normal saline. Do this by adding 3cc of 3% food grade H202 into 250cc normal saline..then use about 3cc of this per nebulizer treatment  with one drop of Lugol’s iodine added to it. You can do these treatments frequently, even hourly if necessary but at least 3 to 4 times a day.  Some doctors have said that in a pinch go ahead and use standard 3% pharmacy hydrogen peroxide, diluted in NS..  I have chosen to purchase the pure product.

Here is a newer video just out featured by Dr Meehan that features Dr. Brownstein.  Perhaps it will stay around longer on YouTube. I put it up on UGEtube to secure it.



This article from Dr Mercola features how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide with commentary from Dr Levy, renound vitamin C expert.  If you make your own nebuliing solution pay attention to the chart below.


Every family should be prepared with a nebulizer for the long haul. This  pandemic virus may be with us for quite a while. You don’t want to have to seek supplies when you are sick.

Dr. Brownstein discusses nebulized hydrogen peroxide:


and here is a video on nebulization with Dr Mercola and Dr Levy: 

In Dr. Brownstein’s paper he writes that he dilutes the 3% H202 peroxide in normal saline.  In other readings I’m finding the people don’t dilute it at all and I would be very careful with this!  I suggest that you dilute it with normal saline, or even just water if you dont have saline. Saline will help it to be absorbed more easily by the tissues. … BUT saline is easy to make at home.

To Make Normal Saline: Get a pint jar and fill it with pure water, distilled or spring but not tap water.  Add 1/4 teaspoon of natural salt and let dissolve.   Most nebulizer treatments are 3 cc of saline mixed with your medicine in the nebulizer cup. 

Dr. Brownstein’s paper which you can download and includes his nutrient protocol: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dvumczxfqdc4ty/A%20Novel%20Approach%20to%20Treating%20COVID-19%20Using%20Dr%20DB.pdf?dl=0

I have managed to locate 2 of the Brownstein  testimonial videos. Here is the same video on two different links for security.

Patient Testimonial here: https://www.facebook.com/everyonematters/videos/598510294083144/?v=598510294083144  

Here Dr. Brownstein and his team discuss their pandemic cases:


Dr Brownstein also gives his patients Intramuscular injections of ozone gas, especially if his patients start to become very ill. This is not something most of us are capable of doing at home. I recommend that you try to find a doctor in your area that can do this. They can actually come out to your car in the parking lot to administer it. This is very powerful medicine against  this virus and this treatment has been long used in Europe for flu among ozone practitioners. It can even be administered to very small children. It is a broad spectrum anti-viral agent and immune system booster. The dosage is 2 shots, one in each buttock of 20cc ozone gas at 18 gamma. 

Many doctors who do this ozone therapy do not advertise on this following page so if you don’t see someone here you need to get on your phone and call all the alternative and naturopathic doctors in your area until you find one. Best to be aware of who this person is before you get sick.

Find doctor who uses ozone here: http://www.oxygenhealingtherapies.com/my_ozone_doctor.com.html

.Unfortunately Dr Brownstein was forced to remove the numerous videos of his protocols and patient testimonials. I’m leaving them up for the impact of the real repression we are under.

Here Dr. Brownstein and patient share how they treated covid. He was developing a severe case until the vitamins and H2O2 nebulizers came his way. Title: There Is Still Hope Out There- Christopher: “4 days ago I felt I was staring at inevitable death.” Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYiFuWa5ito&feature=emb_err_watch_on_yt   (not available) this patients case resolved well without hospitalization

Here Dr. Brownstein discusses his treatment protocols with the other doctors in his clinic: https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/saturday-afternoon-weekly-chat-with-the-medical-staff-of-the-center-for-holistic-medicine-4-11-20_qDCfdLnAjTYsijK.html  

Here is a testimonial of a severe case that cured well after he initiated ozone therapy. Two 20cc syringes of ozone at 18gamma, in each buttock cheek daily for a several days. He was also doing ozone gas by rectal insufflations. Case resolved well.  Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo-xzvxGdhQ&feature=emb_err_watch_on_yt

Treatment Option 2

Do not use option 2 with large doses of vitamin c.

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS solution) Protocol 1000 (vitamin c cannot be used with C*D otherwise known as CDS solution as they deactivate each other) C*D = Chlorine Dioxide.  www.KVlab.com  Purchase the sodium chlorite and the 4% HCL activator. You would want what is called protocol 1000 and internet search will bring you to the protoco. search “chlorine dioxide 1000 protocol’. Ignore the fear mongers. I’ve used this safely for over 15 years, as well as millions of others around the world.Adults: if you are really sick take 4 to 6 activated drops in water every hour for 4 to 6 hours……if one is asymptomatic (test positive but no symptoms) give every 2 hours 4 times a day. Next day if they are still sick, or the disease is deep in lungs: 6 drops every hour for 4 or 5 hours Continue for about 5 days 3 drops an hour for 8 hours a day which is protocol 1000.

According to the Church, Children: 3 activated drops every 2 hours, the next  repeat… If they are very sick give every hour.

This product has well treated dengue fever and Ebola according to the church.

This treatment was studied on COVID in South American resulting in the decision by the president of Bolivia to provide it to all the Bolivian people. As soon as these studies were underway, the FDA in the USA raided the major  educational source and provider for this product. The business was shut down, the website shut down, the forum shut down and the owners arrested.

Hydrogen Peroxide nebulizers and Chlorine dioxide can be used in the same protocol if needed.  It is beneficial to keep the lungs moist with some kind of nebulization.

You can learn more about CDS via this link. You will have to paste it together as I have to write it like this due to fB censorship.. yes, they dig right into your documents and censor.   www dot andreaskalcker dot com   He mostly posts in other languages but if you go to his video section you will find some in English. He is the man who  helped doctors in South American do the study last spring that proved CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) will get rid of this plague. 

Ivermectin Treatment & Frontline Doctors – Option 3

Ivermectin has recently been reported to cure COVID in 48 hours. It is primarily used for animals for parasites but is legally used in people to. Side effects are almost non existent.  It has become the leading home treatment.

I suggest that you start your exploration of Ivermectin with this excellent film. Aside from its medical uses you will be introduced to some of the political aspects regarding conventional medicines resistance to it.



Ivermectin Studies are proving it to be more effective than Hydroxychloroquine.

The dose is 12 mg for an average male (0.2mg per kilogram of weight).. two doses required, first dose on day you have been exposed and then repeat 2 days later… If you are high risk or exposed repeatedly like healthcare workers, take the above and repeat every 2 weeks as a prophylactic … if you feel that its helping if you are very sick but you are not getting well enough repeat the dosage. It can be taken daily if needed for up to 5 days. It is generally considered a non-toxic medicine and there are no contraindications for use.. but if you are on some medicines you should consult a doctor first.   

Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC Alliance on the Therapeutic Value of Ivermectin in Treatment of COVID 

Frontline doctors will help you to get Ivermectin, HCQ and other things. Contact them here. They do an interview on the phone and write you a prescription: https://covid19criticalcare.com/guide-for-this-website/how-to-get-ivermectin/ 

Here is a direct link to doctors who will help you to get an RX:

Good RX has a coupon that greatly reduces the cost of Ivermectin at CVS pharmacie and some other pharmacies. (CVS often found in Target Stores) https://www.goodrx.com/ivermectin (currently, as of Sept 8th, supply of Ivermectin is limited due to demand and pharmacy distributors are running low or out)

Further Detailed  Information  on Ivermectin. Click here. 


On Jan. 2, Smentkiewicz was given her first dose of Ivermectin, and according to court papers filed by her family, she made “a complete turnaround.” “In less than 48 hours, my mother was taken off the ventilator, transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit, sitting up on her own and communicating,” Kulbacki said in a court affidavit.  https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/new-york-supreme-court-judge-saves-80-year-old-patient-from-death-by-ordering-hospital-to-give-life-saving-ivermectin/?amp= 

The directions for Budesonide from FLCCC Alliance


Treatment Option 4

Oil of Oregano – also to be used with the supplements listed in the beginning of this article. I can only recommend this for the more mild cases. 

Some doctors feel that putting oregano oil into a capsule is not as effective as taking it orally without a capsule. I have no opinion. You will have to decide.

See the following article on oregano oil application. Mix 4-5 drops of this oil into your morning glass of orange juice, or blend it with coconut oil. This is done to dilute the flavor, as oregano oil tastes quite strong and undiluted may even burn. Place the coconut oil under your tongue, or drink the orange juice normally. Repeat this process 2-3 times per day until your cold symptoms disappear.

It is very important to directly treat your lungs if at all possible.

And or: Pour 5-6 drops of oregano oil into a pot of steaming water, and then inhale the vapor (while covering the head with a towel). Oregano oil can also be administered via a nebulizer. This article will show you:
 Soure: https://www.organicfacts.net/oregano-oil-cold-flu.html


Treatment Option 5

Vitamin C, with the H202 nebulizers and the supplements listed in the beginning of this article per Dr Brownstein.

Absolutely safe during pregnancy!

If you are not using C*D vitamin c can be very helpful. Vitamin C will neutralize C*D so don’t use them together. You can take some C on days you use C*D but take it at the end of the day at least one hour haver your last C*D treatment.

Liposomal C is recommended and can be used alongside colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide, or oregano oil.. Get it at http://www.livonlabs.com There is not a virus that vitamin C has not been able to cure if given in the right dosage. 

Generally 2 to 3 packets a day will be helpful if you are not very sick or seeking a preventative, but of course you can take much more. Liposomal C will not cause diarrhea. If your situation becomes critical take 7 to 10 packets spread out through the day.

It has become difficult to purchase Livon Labs liposomal since the epidemic started. Here is another similar product if you can’t find it.  https://www.drvitaminsolutions.com/products/quicksilver-scientific-liposomal-vitamin-c-quali-c/ 

Click Here:

DR RATH say high dose Vitamin C for COVID

If you end up in a hospital in dire straights call forward Trump’s RIGHT TO TRY and demand IV vitamin c at 100 grams a day for an adult for a week minimum, although the disease may start diminishing quickly after the first dose or two. Do not let them stop administration until well. IV vitamin C will be required during severe respiratory distress as often oral mechanical ventilation is required.

Many of my followers have been wanting to know how the vitamin C treatment is progressing at the front lines. This just in (and I mean minutes ago) from Dr. Hyoungjoo Shin reporting from Korea:

“I live in Daegu, South Korea, a city of 2.5 million, where 1,579 people have been confirmed infected by the COVID-19 virus. There was an increase of 447 confirmed cases during one day alone. The city was immediately locked down.

“At my hospital in Daegu (Onvit Hospital), all inpatients and all staff members have been using vitamin C orally since last week, and also, to increase their immunity, all patients and staff received vitamin D 200,000 IU intramuscular injections. Some people this week had a mild fever, headaches and coughs, and those who had symptoms got the blood test, and then, 30,000 mg intravenous vitamin C. Some people got better after about two days, and most had symptoms go away after one injection. The patients and staff of my hospital look very bright and healthy. I will keep telling people. I will send information to the Korean Medical Association and also to the local governments. I will send the data again and again.” Hospital website (in Korean): http://onvith.cafe24.com/

This link will bring you to a video from a Chinese doctor who has reported success with vitamin c by IV in China.



and https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/ZsP58vFO1gZQhNL

He reports 10 to 20 grams (depending on severity) of vitamin C via IV drip daily but sometimes up to 50 grams if the case is severe.

This Chart Tells you how to use oral Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance if you don’t have liposomal C.

For further confirmation of the use of vitamin c watch this film about a man who was given up for dead with the swine flu (a different form of coronavirus)


Treatment Option 6

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc.

NEW INFORMATION UPDATE: HCQ is noted to work well in early infection, but IVERMECTIN is doing better in advanced infections

Currently I am in Costa Rica and they have had 1538 cases to date (June 12) with only 12 deaths, mostly elderly with preexisting conditions. The socialized medical system is using Hydroxychloroquine. I have not been able to confirm if they are also giving zinc or not. They do not use ventilators. This is a very low death rate compared to other nations.

Hydroxychloroquine is a very familiar medicine used in Costa Rica, not just for arthritis and lupus but for a multitude of parasite infections. It is not considered a dangerous medicine… and since you will only be taking for a week or two there is little to worry about. 


Hydorxychloroquine is also known to prevent you from getting a Covid infection. The dose for this for an adult is 400mg twice a day on day one, then don’t repeat until day 7 at which time you take 200mg one time. This can be repeated for weeks.. President Trump may be doing a similar protocol.  You will find similar protocols on the net, but they are not all the same.

The President of San Salvador has come out and publicly stated that all world leaders are now taking Hydroxychloroquine:  https://nationalpost.com/news/world/why-el-salvadors-bukele-says-world-leaders-being-told-to-take-hydroxychloroquine-while-public-is-warned-away-from-it 

This is a video you all must watch.



Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You are solely responsible for your health and the decisions that you make for yourself. This article is for information only and to inform you what some other people are doing.

New Legislation to Require All Transactions of $600 Reported to IRS

If you make deposits or withdrawals of $600 dollars or more the those transactions will be required to be reported to the IRS by your bank.

So how do you feel about that?


Are you feeling the stranglehold’s of Tyranny upon your throat yet?

Get the Jab, report all transactions, have a passport!

Please Take Action! Inform all your friends and neighbors, inform your city council and better business affiliates.

ACTION CENTER LINK: https://icba.quorum.us

As your community bank, we want our customers to know the facts, especially when it relates to concerning developments around public policy that exposes your financial privacy.The Biden administration has proposed requiring all community banks and other financial institutions to report to the IRS on all deposits and withdrawals through business and personal accounts worth more than $600 regardless of tax liability. This indiscriminate, comprehensive bank account reporting to the IRS can soon be enacted in Congress and will create an unacceptable invasion of privacy for our customers.We work for our customers and our community, not the IRS. Join us in telling Congress that proposed IRS bank account profiling is intrusive and indiscriminate for our customers:

https://www.icba.org/…/resources-to-help-you-fight-irs…https://www.icba.org/bank-locally/consumer-alert-from-icba#KeepMyBankingPrivate Member FDIC

Dr. Robert O. Young Exposes Toxic Graphene Oxide Via Microscopy in Vaccines

Micrograph of a reduced cluster of Graphene Oxide Viewed in the Live Unstained Blood with pHase contrast microscopy at 1500x. Note that the red blood cells are clotting in and around the rGO in a condition known as Rouleau! A French word that means to chain.

Dr. Young is a long time researcher and health practitioner in alternative medicine. He wrote the landmark book PH Miracle that directed the whole movement in alternative health to evaluate the ph of the body when considering the treatment of chronic diseases. For many years he has taught other practitioners how to use the dark filed live blood analysis microscope so that we can all see what exactly is going on in the blood, that mysterious terrain that conventional doctors are blinded to by their system of education practice and false ideologies.

These three articles reveal what Dr Young has been up to over the past year and a half, culminating in his article released in August 2021 that exposes the existence of Graphene Oxide in all the vials of the four leading covid ‘vaccines’, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Astrazenca.

Please take the time to explore his evolution of exploration in these articles.

What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood(DIC) and Then Lungs(SARS – CoV 2 & 19)?


Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines


The Use of Nanobot Technology (NT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Vaccine Carrier and Adjuvant


Understanding the Hemotoxicity of Graphene Oxide


According to Wikipedia the FDA ruled that Graphene Oxide is toxin and is not suitable for use in humans. Screen shot from Wiki, page on Graphene Oxide June 2021

Letter To My Children Who Took The Jab

Readers… please feel free to use this writing adapted with your personal message to send to  your family and friends who took the jab.

Dear T and K,  

I am truly sorry for some of our conversation, T, during my visit.  I think perhaps we both said things that were not only hurtful but out of the heat of frustration and anger. I know for me it came because I was not prepared. I’m prepared now.

I want you to know that I love you, and the family you have created.  My wish for you all is prosperity and health, love and joy. 

This particular time in my life is filled with concerns for the future for those around me as well as myself.  I am so unsure as to how to proceed and, as well, I have been having some pretty intense bouts of depression since being in Costa Rica last year.  Although it eases up at times it does not go away.  I am seeking to rectify within myself those things that keep me in this stalemate, but only time can really do that…when this nightmare is over.  I long for it to be over. 

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever written in my life and many hours went into preparing it.

When you told me that you got the Covid vaccine it was a terrible shock and it threw me instantly into grief and anger.  I know  you believe that you did the right thing. I would never think that you did the wrong thing intentionally.  

My grief comes from the danger that I believe this drug  presents to the body…. the bodies of MY children. There are many thousands of doctors and researchers who are sounding the alarm.   Petitions for a  Nuremburg like trial are underway for crimes against humanity directed at the W.H.O., the C.D.C. and Davos Group, with over 10,000 doctors on board, along with 1,000 lawyers. 

I can only implore you to not take any more of these shots and it is becoming apparent that they will likely be requiring boosters.  The reports are now coming in from fertility clinics that this shot is destroying sperm motility and the ability of the egg to develop into an embryo. More and more reports are coming in of women miscarrying who have not even had the shot but who closely affiliate with those who do, suggesting some kind of contagion that interrupts other tissues in the body (28 of them) that naturally have a spike protein structure (such as the placenta) that the Covid spike protein may cross react with. The implications of this could be immense.  It is a considerable risk until more is known, considering that this disease is highly curable and not that severe for otherwise healthy people. This is only a part of the reported ill effects.   I am praying that these effects from the vaccine can and will wear off over time but we do not know if they will or not.

People are researching frantically now to try to find a remedy to the vaccine and the shedding that doctors are saying that it causes. Hopefully we will have something soon. Many women whose  husbands or boyfriends have had the shot are now bleeding from the uterus, including post-menopausal women.  The shedding is real. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LYING MEDIA!

I am presenting to you the leading evidence I have found regarding this disease and how to treat it, which will come in another letter after I hear from you and you tell me that you want it. As your mother, and I am playing the mother card big time right now,  I’m playing it like lives depend on it. I am praying you will honor me, as your mother,  and carefully go through all the information and links I have provided.  You owe it to yourself, to each other, and most of all to Knox.

After you go through this and when I hear back from you via email, and I am going to be persistent, I will send information on what people are finding that will potentially detox this mess, information from leading doctors and researchers.  There appears to be quite a bit.  New information is coming out every day.  You will need to do it to avoid ADE and other issues.  

I have said my piece and it is off my chest now.  I could not go on without warning you, and I could not bear my conscious if I did not warn you. .  You will do what you will. I can only  implore you both to look at the links I have provided very carefully, and take the time it requires, so that you will have fully informed consent, for you have not had fully informed consent, and so that you will know what action to take if you become ill either from COVID or from the injections that you took.

I will keep resending this email to you until you make me aware that both you and Kori have received it


What is ADE?… this is critical for you to understand

It is important to understand what ADE because some of the following doctors will mention it.  In this article  you will find a link to the Wikipedia article on ADE which I read a few months ago and that I was going to reference here. It is now pulled from Wikipedia, but wiki did rewrite it and it has a new address. 


In this new and updated version of the wiki article they do mention ADE related to Covid and the animal experiments. They state that so far, no ADE has been found in those who have had the vaccine but what they fail to mention in the article is that all the animals died 2 years after their injections, not 6 months or less, where we are now currently at the time of this writing.

“ADE was a concern during late clinical stages of vaccine development against COVID-19.[25][26]

ADE was observed in animal studies during the development of coronavirus vaccines, but as of 14 December 2020 no incidents had been observed in human trials. “Overall, while ADE is a theoretical possibility with a COVID-19 vaccine, clinical trials in people so far have not shown that participants who received the vaccine have a higher rate of severe illness compared to participants who did not receive the vaccine.”[27][28]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent_enhancement  the new wiki address

https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent-enhancement  the old wiki address

BREAKING! French Study Published In Journal Of Infections Claims That ADE Or Antibody Dependent Enhancement Is Occurring In Delta Variant Infections! 

Source: ADE and Delta Variant  Aug 13, 2021  6 days ago https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-french-study-published-in-journal-of-infections-claims-that-ade-or-antibody-dependent-enhancement-is-occurring-in-delta-variant-infections?fbclid=IwAR3KitMwjP2cSPLw1OQnXAm-6YcxxhsqsqtZnkeRT1Y-93GugroJ52HTfd4

Greet Vanden Bossche PHD. DMV  One of the highest ranking virologists in the world speaks about this jab. He is in general not anti-vax . He exposes the issues regarding this 




Dr. Bossche with Dr. McCullough  https://ugetube.com/watch/a-discussion-with-geert-vanden-bossche-dvm-phd-peter-mccullough-md-mph_tVcUnZ8sssjGKlF.html

Dr. Ryan Cole MD  pathologist at the White Coat Summit asks some very pertinent questions about this study or an experimental vaccine.


Karen Kingston, a vaccine whistle blower from Pfizer Company, who worked ‘doing analysis of intellectual property in the legal landscape for physicians and pharma, a scientific writer and does critical analysis as well’… she exposes graphene oxide in the vaccines:  https://rumble.com/vkgdq7-deadly-shots-former-pfizer-employee-confirms-poison-in-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=4

Jane Doe This is a report on the law suit being filed by Attorney Thomas Renz who says that a CDC whistle blower came to him and said that the CDC was aware of 45,000 deaths within 3 days of the vaccine injection and that there are multiple reporting methods to the CDC aside from VAERs that the public is not aware of. This woman made testimony in court under  threat of perjury in Alabama. https://medicalkidnap.com/2021/07/19/attorney-files-lawsuit-against-cdc-based-on-sworn-declaration-from-whistleblower-claiming-45000-deaths-are-reported-to-vaers-all-within-3-days-of-covid-19-shots/

10 minute Video of Attorney Renz here: https://rumble.com/vk28y9-u.s.-federal-lawsuit-filed-based-on-cdc-whistleblower-claiming-45000-deaths.html

Dr. Hoffe M.D 

This doctor found out that people who have had the vaccine are experiencing micro blood clots that can lead to stroke can only be found with the D-Dimer test. People who get the shot and get bad headaches have been going to the ER and having brain scans done to look for signs of stroke, as quite a few people have had stoke after the shot. When no signs show in the tests they are sent home. Turns out that only larger clots can be seen in these scans. Many of these people were found dead hours or a couple of days later. Dr Hoffe explains why this is happening.  Some doctors are now doing the D-dimer test to find out if micro-blood clots are happening.   


Dr. Malone MD – The King Pin!

Who is Dr Robert Malone? He is the inventor of the mRNA synthetic strand that is in the vaccines that tells your body cells to override its current DNA program to produce Spike Proteins all over the body, including the heart, lungs, ovaries, brain.

Dr Malone discusses the vaccine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA8qMb33Zyo

Dr. Malone https://ugetube.com/watch/8PRciicQuVQc61Y  

Dr Malone’s professional references: 




I viewed this Wikipedia page. it was a standard page listing the work of Dr Malone over his long carrier as a research scientist. But now it’s gone

Now Wikipedia has a slander page on Dr Malone because of his refusal to support the vaccine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_W._Malone

Here is a list of published papers which Malone  did, all 84 published works. I is one of the most knowledgeable men on the planet about virus and mRNA. https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Jf1bApYAAAAJ&hl=en


Dr Malone is concerned about the vaccine causing infertility problems. This podcast is critical in understanding what is going on with this vaccine and is the most comprehensive interview of him:

From Dr Malone’s Wife: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/history-how-mrna-vaccines-were-discovered-jill-glasspool-malone-phd


Dr. Peter McCullough MD – Baylor University Medical School Professor, Cardiologist,  published researcher. Leader in his field. This article encompasses all of Dr McCullough’s positions. Please open all the offered links and view all the videos.


The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation. Page 16 shows you what the adverse reactions that they, the FDA, anticipated with the vaccine health wise, which were not told to the public, eliminating all informed consent of any meaning and hence, free choice. All of these effects  have come true for many thousands of people who got vaccinated.   https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download

Picture of page 16 from the report here:


You have to scroll this video to 1:31 for it to start…The Truth for Health Foundation and LifeSiteNews present “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting will feature Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious leaders who will be discussing vital information related to the COVID jab, clinical trials, and more. 

This vaccine is highly dangerous to fertility!

Complications of the vaccine are discussed. You have to scroll this video to 1:31 for the video to start.  This is a critical video. I’m fighting for your life. 


Dr. Roger Hodkinson MD  and a Lab CEO reports… you need to listen his, even though his anger is palpable because he understands the agenda and how many will be hurt or murdered . no evidence of safety whatsoever  in the traditional sense of the word. Given to pregnant women with absolutely no testing! and telling them it’s safe!  How do they know? They don’t know. Now women are having babies with strange birth defects. 70% given the jab in their first trimester miscarried, typical is 10%. Why would  a woman take this with no long term studies on pregnancy? Controlled and brainwashed out of critical thinking.


Dr. David Martin, Lawyer: This page takes you to David Martin video, a lawyer who has been researching all this for several years.  He reveals all the patents that the CDC and others have on the coronavirus starting in 2021.

These are some of my notes from Martin’s videos. 

The CDC holds many patents.. over 40. Many related to coronavirus from as early as 2001 April 2002 NAID patent Methods for producing recombinant Coronavirus  US7279327 B2 (or 82? –Was hard to read if it was B or 8) the bioengineered creation of the coronavirus… and was to be used as an HIV vaccine.

Fauci and others tried to create patents that already exist in nature (natural gene sequence)  which is illegal and the patent office denied patents because of this. 

How do we know the  CDC paid to keep this patent private?

3  days after coronavirus was patented Sequoia  pharmacy files patents for treatment of corona virus…. this company was eventually dissolved and Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson  picked up a part of it.

April 2003 Antiviral agents for the treatment, control and prevention of coronavirus.  Patent # US7151163B2  (or 82 at the end)

June 5th 2008 DARPA  wanted to patent proteins of  the novel features of the spike virus, ace two binding properties, poly basic cleavage site,  novel protection proteins  

to create harness and treat the coronavirus for the treatment control and prevention of infections by coronaviruses 

Enables our RNA and  genes strands  within us to be manipulated by the  coronavirus and the vaccines 

Between 2008 and 2019  The patents for all the elements of SARs and Coronavirus appear…

which were allegedly a NOVEL virus (new undiscovered)

Nov 24th 2015 patent  US9193780  enables the RNA  and gene strains in our body to be manipulated by the coronavirus and vaccines … title  “Amino Acid Sequences directed against envelope proteins of a virus and poly peptides comprising the same for the treatment of viral disease”

It was not a lab leak.. it was a biological attack 

April 2001  Patent number 7279327 method for producing recombinant  corona virus… (in other words, a virus that could target your lungs)  (scroll to 18:00 in the video)

2004.. The “New Normal” term was coined as a campaign slogan in 2004 by Merck. also used by Gates, the CCP, then Fauci.” The campaign to get the world cooperation to adopt a vaccine..Global Preparedness Monitoring …… ‘Global Preparedness Monitoring’  the  board   “Gates DR Elias of the Gates Foundation , CCP director of disease control , Fauci 

2008 to 2019 patents made for all of the elements of SARS and Coronavirus

It was all lab created with a manufactured release of these virus

2015 to 2016  Peter Daszak  from the  eco health alliance  –  “we need to increase public understanding  of the need for medical countermeasures such a as a  pan coronavirus vaccine,  a key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype  to our advantage to get to the real issue.

Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process”   https://www.ecohealthalliance.org/personnel/dr-peter-daszak

In Israel where almost all of their citizens have been vaccinated, they are now having a crisis with Covid again. The hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients who have been fully vaccinated….sick enough to be in hospital. 

Very good report regarding the inability of  courts to provide documentation that the Covid virus actually exists, which has resulted in mandates of infection control being eliminated in districts in various nations. It also examines Koch’s postulates, the backbone of pathology and the discernment of disease.  https://home.frankspeech.com/tv/video/cyber-symposium-exposes-raid-clerks-office-fake-doctors-exposed-pilot-speaks-out-and-more?fbclid=IwAR3JEtloDoje2_F8D_f_6prlgU4VFVQ1Zph3LidNwk3pBkD-iYMnKCUIjX8

Full vaccinated are 65% more likely to be hospitalized & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid than people who are vaccinated according to latest Public Health England data 


“This is a mechanical device in a very small packet of technology to that is being inserted in the human system to push the cell to be a pathogen manufacturing site. (pathogen: something that produces disease) …. it is a technology not a vaccine, it is not a living system or a biological system, it’s a synthetic chemical pathogen delivery device designed to unleash a chemical pathogen within every cell of the body.”…Dr Malone

80% of people  exposed to the virus have no response to it at all.  80% of the people who inject this into them have a clinical adverse effect of various degrees. 

It can directly cause MS, ALS, Guillain-Barre syndrome, seizures,  accelerated cancer growth 

Dr Mike Yeadon PHD  , former 16 year Pfizer CEO Confirms Poison in Covid ‘Vaccine’ https://rumble.com/vkgdq7-deadly-shots-former-pfizer-employee-confirms-poison-in-covid-vaccine.html

Two Pfizer Jabs = 5-6 Times weaker immune system. I did have the name and location of this virologist at one point but have misplaced it. He is a real person.



Researchers have found Graphene Oxide in the vaccines.  This is a highly toxic material. See the screen shot I acquired on Wikipedia below.  

Blood with Graphene Oxide https://www.bitchute.com/video/gSEUkG0AB8J5/agvf340lp  

The Quinta Columna research affiliated with the University of Almeria, in Spain did an analysis on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine which included analysis by visualization with an electron microscope.   Graphene oxide was found to compose 99% of the solution.  Ricardo Delgado Martin, Founder and Director of Quinta Columna. Ricardo is responsible for coordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine.


This leads to the full study which I have downloaded.  For me, Adobe Flash player pops us and is a pain in the butt but I did manage to reject is so I could read the study. https://www.docdroid.net/Ov1M99x/official-interim-report-in-english-university-of-almeria-pdf#page=3

Summary of Study: https://www.globalresearch.ca/graphene-oxide-detection-aqueous-suspension/5749529

There is a lot of research reports on the use of magnetification to transport elements into cells using lipid nano particle encasements of those elements, just like in the current Covid vaccine  


Magnetofection – a highly efficient tool for antisense oligonucleotide delivery in viro and in vivo


Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity 


German Study proves that some people have become magnetized https://www.globalresearch.ca/study-electromagnetism-vaccinated-persons-luxembourg/5749516

Graphene oxide and the vaccine . and more

Although this video is in Spanish please scroll to 15:15 to view magnetic properties of this vaccine.  I have seen literally dozens of videos like this from all over the world, including India, Brazil, England, Italy. What I want to bring your attention to is the woman who is testifying to the Ohio House Health Committee, scroll to 24:20 https://odysee.com/@laquintacolumna:8/NANOPARTÍCULASDEÓXIDODEGRAFENOENVACUNAANTIGRIPALYOTRASELOBJETIVOPROGRAMA52:f?r=CUR9r3nj4XgAwW5Pv1KfAHBStsVfsEYP

I am administrator of a face book alternative health group. I now have 3 members there who have reported becoming magnetic.  What is clear is that this phenomena are occurring in people who have not had the vaccine also.  But clearing, some  people who have had the jab are experiencing magnetic properties specifically at the injection site.

This is Norma,  one of the three women in my group who are reporting magnification.. She did not have the vaccine.  Somehow, I cannot let go of the idea that vaccine events we are seeing may be related to 5G.   During the first bout of the pandemic last spring, 2020, many businesses were shut down, people restricted from travel. Yet the crews for erecting 5G were in full force, both here in the USA and in Europe and I heard these reports early on when I was in Costa Rica. What will the effects of these powerful frequencies be in people who have graphene oxide in their bodies? There has been a video going around of a cell phone next to a pile of graphene oxide. When it is turned on  the graphene reacts in a bizarre way.

Although there appears to be magnetic properties, this is more than just common magnetism as we are familiar with because metallic objects that do not normally become magnetic are sticking to people, like brass keys and coins, gold rings.

Veins glow under black light. Is this related to SM-1022 and Luciferase in the Moderna Vaccine? https://odysee.com/@TheAmericandebtSlave:5/My-brothers-neighbors-are-Magnetic:4?

This link details Luciferase and SM-102:  https://truthinplainsight.com/moderna-vaccine-contains-sm-102/ 

Further bringing to your attention:

It is happening to people both vaccinated and not vaccinated, but in the vaccinated it definitely starts at the injection site and then spreads through the body over days.  There are some people who’s veins glow under a black light.. Does that have to do with SM-102 and luceriferace?


Videos in English on this topic are quickly eliminated from YouTube. 



In India



Now we are having another round of Covid.  But is it Covid or is it a disease caused by the vaccination? What can we expect to happen over time when this toxic protein is inserted into every organ of the body? 

Its skyrocketing in Iceland, where most people have been vaccinated. Acceleration occurred when the vaccines were introduced.



I am not sure how long this link will be active. I’m amazed that it was there at all. Fully Vaccinated People Are 65% More Likely to be Hospitalized & 1,540% More Likely to Die – Public Health England:



To top it all off and add to our confusion in early August 2021 the CDC posted an article stating that the PCR test was defective and was the cause of many false positives. I took a screen shot of it as did other people.  The article was not up for long and has now been deleted and I could not even find it on the way back machine. I wish I had fully copied it.  If the test is not reliable how can we make assumptions or conclusions about the spread of this disease.  How can we trust any statistics on it? What the article went on to say was that the test could not discern the difference between a flu strain and a Covid strain. well, we knew that all along, those of us who do research and listen to leading researchers. The tests have been fraudulent and there is no such thing as non-symptomatic spreaders. 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD treated many hundreds, (6,000 he now says) of COVID patients in NYC early on in this pandemic. None of his patients had to go to the hospital. His treatment protocol was very successful. This is a disturbing video that I believe you need to face.  The collective ‘we’ are becoming hopeful of developing methods of detoxing this vaccine. I will include that information at the end. 



An ER Room Doctor’s Testimonial… I’ve probably seen 10 like this from ER personnel from both this year and last spring 2020.

Dr Mark Trozzi: My Personal Testimony



A credible whistle blower has come forward, alleging deaths occurring within 72 hours of a COVID 19 injection are significantly under reported in the publicly available VAERS database maintained by the FDA. This is shocking, and informed consent, which is required under the law, is impossible when safety data is so misleading. As of July 9th, reported deaths in VAERS totaled 10,991. Of those 4,593 were within 72 hours of vaccination. The CMS whistleblower has made a sworn statement that the actual number of deaths are conservatively five-times higher, meaning as of this date we are approaching at least 55,000 vaccine related deaths.

Many deaths are happening after the second injection. What would a 3rd injection do?


Many thousands, upwards of 55,000 have died from this vaccine, as   reported to the CDC according to a CDC whistle blower who gave her testimony in court under perjury. Court suits are now being filed in Alabama due to her testimony.  

The main stream media will point at every person who died from Covid and press it in your face but the people who die from the injections remain faceless to you, and consequently not quite real. If someone dies or is injured there is no compensation, life insurance will not pay, health insurance will not pay if it is believed they became ill or died from the experimental injection that the individual submitted themselves to.

https://www.freep.com/story/news/2021/07/02/jacob-clynick-pfizer-covid-vaccine/5323095001/ https://www.youtube.com/embed/z3CiV1HCHgE

I could put up 100s of posts like this. I will spare you.  There is going to be a march on September 4th in NYC for the injured and dead from the vaccines, if the city even allows it.

Please keep in mind that Harvard Researchers have told us that only 1% report serious injury to the CDC

This media says its rare. over 500,000 cases of injury now reported. This is a real propaganda piece but I’m sure the media did not know at this time that there are about 11 avenues for reports to the CDC, which we didn’t know until the CDC whistle blower came out. 


At Least 18 Cases of Apparent Heart Problems in Young People in CT After COVID-19 Vaccine (this kind of heart damage will never heal properly. The Heart tissues do not regenerate. They will be susceptible to early death)

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (A German Doctor)

The Planning for Nuremberg Trials for Crimes Against  Humanity. A very informative video!


This is an important article. Essentially the Lancet is telling us that the vaccines are worthless. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanmic/article/PIIS2666-5247(21)00069-0/fulltext?fbclid=IwAR1Wj-qV0uYkc2EHjdxrSbRnaxxThf7156ES0i7QPqjzkWUok6G17jSisco

Black Oxygen Organics B⭕⭕ Fact Sheet


Please Note: This FAQ document was created by a number of Natural Health Practitioners alongside Marc Saint-Onge, Black Oxygen Organics CEO and Product Formulator.
This document is not intended, nor should it be construed as claims that our products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent any disease or medical condition.

(The only thing I would add to this is that dosages should be lower than recommended when starting out. 1/16 to 1/4 teaspoon. You will have to gradually experiment for yourself to find the appropriate dosage for you based on your ability to detox)

General FAQ’s

Q) What are the main benefits of Fulvic / Humic Minerals?
5 main benefitsAnti inflammatory – Fulvic contains potent anti-inflammatory properties whichhelp to reduce inflammation in the body. These properties help to fight free radicals and keep the body free of harmful chemicals. Free radicals can gain access to our bodies through processed foods and environmental pollutants / toxins. Taking Fulvic Acid boosts the body’s supply of antioxidants and stimulates our natural endorphins, which lowers the pain response in the nervous system, helping to improve nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritis, headaches and other conditions relating to the inflammatory response.Cell regeneration – Fulvic Acid stimulates the mitochondria and penetrates the cells, increasing cellular energy. The high Humic content offers connective tissue support for strengthening the body as a whole at a cellular level. Often reported improvements include the elimination of acne, reversal of the signs of ageing, wrinkles, rosacea and other skin issues.Hormone balancer – Black Oxygen Organics Fulvic / Humic acid has a pH of 9, meaning it is alkaline. Fulvic restores optimal pH levels in the body, helping to regulate hormone production and boosting immunity. People often report improvement in their menstrual cycle, hot flashes, mood swings and brain fog.Chelator – We live in a toxic world where we have to on a continual basis help our bodies detoxify from pesticides, fluoride, pollution, heavy metals and preservatives. Fulvic Acid helps to chelate (pulls and binds) toxins, which enables the body to remove heavy metals, parasites, and toxicity from the body naturally.Adaptogen – Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that have been used for centuries to help the body combat stressors – whether they be physical, chemical or biological. Fulvic Acid helps to strengthen and increase our immune system and create more white blood cells.
Q) What is the best way to use fulvic? Drink, Bath or Footbath and why? What are the benefits of all 3?
A) First and foremost, Fulvic Acid is recommended as a nutritional supplement to be used for the support of underlying issues, cellulite, skin problems and circulatory support. ALWAYS begin low and slow with your dosage. For those with no underlying health conditions, you may begin at half the dosage of fulvic acid recommended on the bag once a day. If you notice no detox symptoms such as mild headache, slight bloating which could be caused by candida die-off, slight nausea or otherwise, you may increase your dosage to twice a day, working up to the full dosage or where you feel comfortable. If you have an autoimmune condition, are pregnant or nursing or have an inflammatory condition, begin with 1⁄2 tsp of Fulvic powder in a foot bath for a full week before ingesting to allow the body the opportunity to begin the detoxification and remineralization process. After one week on foot baths you may begin taking internally at 1/8th tsp a day. Slowly increase your dose as detox symptoms subside until you’ve worked your way up to your ideal dosage.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) What different ways can you use the Powder?
Here are a few ways the powder can be utilized:Drink – We recommend starting out slow with the powder, as it is very powerful.If you have an inflammatory condition, are pregnant or nursing or have an autoimmune condition, consider starting out with 1⁄2 teaspoon in a footbath for a week before using internally. The second week you can take 1/8 teaspoon internally and lower the dose even further to a sprinkle if you have any detox reactions while drinking a glass of water every hour to help the body shuttle out the toxins. Doing it this way will ensure you’ll not have issues with toxins trying to move quicker that the body can handle and causing a detox reaction because you’re going at your body’s pace which is different for everyone based on their toxic load. For everyone else, we recommend starting out at 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon once or twice a day and work up to the full dose on the packet.Foot Bath – We recommend using 1⁄2 to 1 teaspoon of fulvic in a footbath. You can also add your fulvic to an ionic bath for a deeper detox.Detox Bath – The pack states 25g for a detox bath. Depending on your bath size, you may want to use between 15-25g.Face Mask – We recommend using 1⁄2 teaspoon of fulvic, 1⁄2 teaspoon of baking soda and a tsp. of water. You can also add essential oils or aloe to the mix. Speak to your Brand Partner to gain access to our Face Mask recipes.Shampoo – Add 1⁄4 tsp. into your shampoo. We have had reports of fuller, thicker hair using this approach. Do not do this if you color your hair with non-organic hair dye as it can strip hair color due to the heavy metal content in hair dyes.Toothpaste – You can sprinkle a pinch onto your toothbrush, or dip toothbrush into the bag, OR you can make up your own paste with fulvic, bicarbonate of soda and even add a drop of essential oils such as geranium, or red thyme and add water to mix into a paste. (Use same amount of fulvic to bicarbonate of soda for example 1⁄4 teaspoon fulvic powder, 1⁄4 teaspoon of fulvic) This can also be used on teeth, the tongue and gums to change the PH of the mouth and improve the condition of your oral microbiome.Mouthwash – You can mix some fulvic powder with water and use as a mouthwash, use a pinch with some essential oils or even add to coconut oil for Fulvic oil pulling.Poultice / Paste – These are used to treat a specific area of the body. Make a paste, apply onto the area and wrap in cling film / saran wrap. We recommend using the same amount of fulvic as baking soda and add water until it makes a paste. You can even add essential oils (if you understand the therapeutic treatments for different oils) Leave on area for 20 minutes and rinse off.
Q) Do I still need to take multi vitamins when using this product?
A) No. Taking Fulvic replaces the need for general multi vitamins. It also increases the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the nutrients and minerals from the food you eat.If you are under the care of a Healthcare Practitioner and they have recommended higher doses of specific minerals based on test results, for example Vitamin D, continue following their advice. The Fulvic will help you to absorb those minerals more effectively, which is why we recommend if you are under a Health Practitioner that you get tested regularly (Every 2-3 months) as you may need to lower the dose of any medications you are on under the guidance of your practitioner as the body returns to homeostasis.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) What is the citric acid in the “other” ingredients in the tablets sourced from?

A) It is an organic acid derived from citric fruit that helps stabilize the flavor.

Q) Do I need to take a binder?

A) No, fulvic acts as a binder.page3image7754240page3image7753088

Q) Do I still need to take anti-fungal or anti-microbial supplements?
A) No.
Fulvic is one of the most powerful anti-fungal & anti-microbial substances known.
Q) Is it possible to get a herx reaction when taking this?
A) We recommend that you start slow and listen to your body. Just a pinch to introduce if you have an underlying health condition. If you get any kind of detox reaction, lower the dose or skip a day while increasing hydration. If your body is extremely toxic or you are nervous, go very slow.
Q) I have MTHFR and my detoxification pathways have always been an issue – will toxins get blocked, or is it safe to use this product?
A) Fulvic will help to expel toxins while increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and binding positive ions. It facilitates the unblocking and flushing out of toxicity. It is possible that because the Black Oxygen breaks down biofilms in the body and binds to the infections released that you may experience symptoms with a body that is poor at detoxifying. This is why we recommend you go slow with the dosing.

Q) Can babies and children use the product, if so what dose?

A) Yes babies and children can use it. Any child under 8, we recommend using half the dosage of adults. If you are starting slow, start with 1/16 – 1/8 of a teaspoon.page3image7691008

Q) Can I mix the powder with anything other than water?
A) Many just mix the powder in water but the powder can also be mixed in smoothies, yogurts, juices, flavored drink packs, etc.
Q) Can pregnant women use this product? If so what are the benefits?
A) Yes. There are no contraindications for pregnancy. Babies take nutrients from the mother, so taking fulvic will give the mother the minerals it needs, as it’s a multi mineral. Make sure to follow low and slow dosing instructions. Please do also consult your health practitioner.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) Can nursing mothers use this product?
A) Yes they can. Some nursing mothers have started with footbaths for a week, and then started taking it orally. Again, we recommend starting slow. Please do also consult with your health practitioner.
Q) Why am I seeing black stools and seem more constipated since taking fulvic?
A) If you have black stools, the fulvic is going right through you and is a sign of a struggling digestive system. (Toxicity goes right through)
As you start to detoxify, your stools will return to a normal color. We recommend you start off slow, beginning with a lesser dose than is listed on the packet. We also recommend stay hydrated.
You may find you are more constipated if you:
1. Have a history or leniency towards constipated bowels
2. You are highly congested in the bowels (toxic waste build up or history of bowel issues in the family)
3. You start detoxing too fast.
If the bowels are not clearing as fast as necessary. (Varies from person to person) Toxins will accumulate and congest in the bowels. This can cause brain fog and fatigue as the gut affects the brain (gut brain connection) as well as bloating. The gut will then try to eliminate waste via the backup method (gas), which can build up as ammonia, so we recommend you get the lymphatic system going by moving.
Q) Will I get a headache taking this?
A) Everyone is different, if you experience headaches; it’s showing the level of toxicity in your body. Some people have a higher level of toxicity in their digestive tract and others have more toxicity in their blood. If the toxicity is more in a person’s blood, they may experience headaches as they detoxify. If this is the case, we recommend slowing down the dose of fulvic and listening to your body, and work your way up to the dose on the packet. This could happen for 7-14 days from starting to take Fulvic.
Q) What is the ratio of Fulvic to Humic in this product?
A) 60%Humic / 40% Fulvic.
Fulvic is the carrier that brings the nutrients into the cell and Humic is the plant base, the active part which is why it’s important to have both. Having a higher Humic content is very powerful. It’s the humification of plants where you get all your minerals, that’s where you get probiotics (your good bacteria) and your amino acids too because it comes from plants.

Q) I’m recovering from mold, is there mold in this product?

A) No there is no mold in this product. To be approved by Health Canada, we go through strict regulatory testing methods.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) When is the best time of the day to drink fulvic?

A) We recommend drinking Fulvic first thing in morning on an empty stomach. If having twice a day, have it thirty minutes or more before dinner on an empty stomach.

Q) Can this remove heavy metals and cross the blood brain barrier?

A) Yes it canpage5image7825536page5image7826304

Q) The pack states to take 1⁄2 teaspoon dose, but I have been told to take a different amount. Why is this?
A) Some people may get detox reactions from taking Fulvic, so our Practitioners like to advise people to start off slow. For adults we recommend taking 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day and work up to the full dose. For children under 8, we recommend half of that dose. Those who are extremely toxic could also start with footbaths for a week first, before drinking. If you experience any kind of detox reaction, we recommend to reduce the dose further, rather than stop taking it altogether, as it shows it’s working.
Q) How much water should I be drinking a day?
A) In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. That said, our CEO and product formulator recommends 3-4 liters a day for adults.

Q) I’ve heard fulvic can help with energy and metabolism, is that true?

A) Fulvic has ability to penetrate into the cell, and stimulate the mitochondria, bringing oxygen to it. This fuels the mitochondria to give the body more energy, build metabolism and build systemic function.

Q) Can I continue taking medication whilst taking this product?

A) Absolutely but leave a space of two hours before or after meds. Please also consult with your Health Practitionerpage5image7829376page5image7830528

Q) I’ve heard that products that act as binders can affect taking medications. Should I be taking this product a few hours before my medication?
A) It won’t stop the affect of medication, if anything it would increase the effect of the medication. Sometimes we find that people don’t need as much medication. It’s important to get regular checkups from your healthcare professional 2-3 months after taking fulvic, as you may not need as high of a dose as the body regulates.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) Will Fulvic help with cellulite? How would I use it for optimal results?
A) There are 3 ways you can help cellulite. Dry brushing (before a mud bath), wet brushing during the bath, a poultice and balneotherapy.
To make a poultice, use the same amount of fulvic to baking soda and add a little water until you make a paste. Spread onto the area and wrap in plastic saran wrap / cling film. Wrapping with plastic cuts the oxygen and allows the Fulvic to go deeper into the subcutaneous tissue. If you have knowledge of essential oils, you could also add Lemon, Rosemary, Sage or other oils that activate circulation and add that to the poultice. We would recommend leaving on 20 minutes and rinsing off, enjoy a detox mud bath or take advantage of balneotherapy.

Q) Will this product help with Radiation / EMF?

A) Yes because of the chelation benefits. Our fulvic also has naturally occurring iodine in it, which helps protect against radiation.page6image7708352

Q) What makes Black Oxygen Organics (BOO) better than other products on the market?
A) Marc Saint-Onge is the pioneer of Fulvic / Humic acid and was the first in Canada to sell Fulvic as mud baths. He has been doing this for 35 years and with the percentage of Humic to Fulvic that we use, everyone wants to follow suit, as we have set the standard. Our product has a higher content of Humic and we extract from a pristine area with no population and no pollution.
Q) You extract from a peat bog, does this damage the ecosystem?
A) Ecologically, bogs replenish themselves. The only way you affect the eco system is when you empty it and destroy it. We do not do that. The area we extract from is owned by crowned land and we have the right to extract from it each year. It’s 45km by 25km and it replenishes itself. In the area where we extract, there are no ditches and we only extract once a year. You will not be able to see where we have extracted from
Q) I’m allergic to penicillin and see that listed on the technical chart
A) People often panic when they see penicillin thinking its chemical. Plants have their own penicillin. It’s organic matter. Everything you see on the technical chart comes from the plant, so we encourage people not to panic when you read this.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) How do we know the Fulvic isn’t contaminated?
A) The 60,000-year-old peat bog we source our minerals from used to be the Champlain Ocean. After the ice age, it left a huge basin flooded. That’s why there are great lakes in Canada. Before it became a peat bog, it was an ocean. Our peat bog is fed by minerals from springs continually.
We have strict processes. At 60 feet deep where we extract from, the product is already sterile and is a pure biochemical compound. Once we extract, it goes into stainless steel tubs and is freeze-dried. It then goes through various processes and is tested for mold and bacteria count. To gain the approval from Health Canada, we had to go through strict processes and regulations.

Q) Can this help with hair loss?

A) Yes, alopecia is a hormonal problem and one of the benefits of fulvic is hormone balancing. You can do a poultice on the head to activate follicles and circulation. Simply mix fulvic and baking soda with water and use twice a week on the area.

Q) How often should I do a facial?

A) Once or twice a week. If you have a specific issue, you can do it daily. If you have sensitive skin leave out the baking soda and use aloe instead. Also remove if it gets uncomfortable until the skin gets used to it for those with sensitive skin.

A) Yes, you can give fulvic to pets. It has the same benefit as humans. They live in the same environment as us, and mineral supplementation is essential to pets.

Q) How can I use fulvic for skin conditions?

A) Use 1⁄4 teaspoon of fulvic, 1⁄4 teaspoon of baking soda and water to make into a paste. Leave the paste on wrapped in saran wrap / cling film for 20 minutes, then bath in it too. You may also add aloe or essential oils and apply with a brush.

Q) I have colitis / crohns, is it safe for me to use Fulvic?

A) Yes, Fulvic helps inflammation. Often people with crohns / colitis have chronic inflammation. We recommend anyone with auto immune issues to start low and slow to help the body enhance the detox pathways.page7image7734400page7image7734784

Q) What are the benefits to dogs, cats and horses? Can we give fulvic to our pets?page7image7700672page7image7712000page7image7713728

Q) Is it normal to experience an emotional release?
A) Your frequency will be raised and it goes into your pineal gland, so you may experience increased awareness, or have more vivid dreams or an emotional release as emotional issues can very often lodge in the body, creating dis-ease. This is a positive, as emotions affect the physical.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) What is the difference between Shilajit and Fulvic?
A) Shilajit comes from rock formations and contains fulvic. Because it comes from a fossilized source it’s harder to extract. Chemicals are then used to extract from the rock formation and end up in the product making it not only less bioavailable but also adding toxins into the body. Shilajit is an inorganic source and harder to absorb in the body which is why you often need more to see results. People often state they can purchase a higher concentration cheaper, but you will need to take much more to have the same affect. With our small dose, it’s very potent because it’s organic and pure. Our peat source is comprised of over 1500 plants.
Q) Why are certain metals listed as minerals and heavy metals on the Certificate of Analysis, for example Aluminum?
A) There is a difference between positive and negative ions. Heavy metals are positive ions, where as the trace minerals are negative ions. The aluminum shown is a negative ion; it’s aluminosilicates, not free aluminum, which is what a zeolite does. Very important to differentiate between the two.

Q) The Certificate of Analysis states testing was done in 2017, why isn’t it more recent?

A) We have research from 1994, 2012, 2015, and 2017, all with the same analysis.

Q) Has the product been 3rd party tested?

A) Yes, it’s a requirement to be done 3 times a year for Health Canada approval.

Q) The tablets state they contain stevia, I don’t like the thought of using stevia

A) The percentage of stevia is 0.01%

Detox Mud Bathspage8image7769472page8image7770240page8image7771008

Q) How often should I do a detox mud bath?
A) We recommend you choose one day a week where you can rest after having a bath. You can do twice or three times a week if you wish to.
We also recommend doing a 21 day detox every 6 months (see FAQ on 21 Day detox)
Q) How long should I stay in the bath for?
A) 20 minutes is the average time we recommend to stay in a mud bath. It takes around 11 minutes for osmosis to occur. A study was done in the 1990’s that most people stay in a tub around 10 minutes, so we say 20, because we want to make sure you absorb the fulvic and ensure you are submersed in the bath for at least 11 minutes to have the maximum affects of the detox


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) Can my dog go into a mud bath?

A) Yes. Animals can go in a bath. We do not recommend you bath them in left over water after toxins have been released.

A) We do not recommend using the water for anything after you have bathed in it, as it will be full of toxins. The only place we recommend the water to go is down the drain!

Q) Should I be dry brushing before bathing?

A) You can dry brush before bathing and also wet brush in the bath too. Dry brushing works on the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and brushing in the bath works on the adipose (fat) tissue and can help to break down cellulite.

Q) How often should you do a full 21-Day Detox?

A) We recommend doing a 21-Day detox twice a year. During this time, we recommend bathing for 21 days straight (either foot or full detox bath) and drinking 3 glasses of fulvic a day.page9image7734976

Q) Can I use the left over water to bath another child, or my dog or feed my plants?page9image7737280page9image7738240page9image7741696

Q) Why is it important for the water to be hotter than your body temperature?
A) Balneotherapy (a traditional medicine technique used for treating diseases by bathing, traditionally practiced at spas) has many facets. One is to eliminate toxins from the body through chelation and through the epidermis. The skin is the largest organ of the body.
When you take a hot bath with Fulvic, it has the ability to draw out toxins. If you increase the water temperature higher than the body temperature, it goes through osmosis.
This works in the same manner nutrients go in as toxins going out. Your sweat glands excrete toxins, so Balneotherapy allows for parasites and other toxins to be released from the body. Aside from urine and feces, sweat glands also release toxins out of the body, so don’t be alarmed if you see lots of things floating in your bath, it’s a positive sign of your body detoxing!
It’s very important when taking a detox mud bath, that you pour the water while submersed in the bath as you want to be able to tolerate the water as hot as you can. To create osmosis, the water needs to be at a hotter temperature than your body temperature.
We do not recommend sharing a bath if you are doing a detox, as you are releasing toxins from your body.

Q) Should I expect any detox reactions after having a detox mud bath?

A) Some people feel dizzy when starting out using detox mud baths. We recommend that you stay hydrated (drinking lots of water) and start at a lower dose than is listed on the package.


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


Q) Will it stain my bathtub or tiles?

A) If you clean the tub right away, it won’t stain. If you leave it to dry, and it has a scratch in it, it can go into the fibers. If you have white paint, we recommend not splashing in the bath!

Q) Will I get the same benefit from footbaths to normal baths?

A) Yes they have the same benefits. Please follow the instructions around hot water if you want to create osmosis.

A) The bath should be black and not transparent. It will take longer to get the affect if it’s a brown bath and you can see through it.page10image7776960page10image7777728

Q) My bath was brown, but I have seen other people’s are black, am I using enough powder?page10image7778496


Black Oxygen Organics – Product FAQ Document – May 2021 2.0


*B⭕⭕ Fulvic Acid and Cancer*

Below are some testimonials regarding the use of B⭕⭕ when people had cancer. Boo was not used as a specific cancer treatment but with hopes of supporting the immune system.

Here we see the tumor lifting off.


I had cancer on my ear for years and I’ve been doing my soak and when I would do my mask I would put it on my ear as well and the cancer fall off last night in just 3wks. Thank you Jesus

(see that round white spot?)

Round white spot now gone.


My cat was dying…they had diagnosed her with lymphoma and gave her 3 months max. They had put her on prednisone. Six weeks into taking prednisone she was a skeleton and had turned jaundice, she was all yellow and weak. May 31st I decided to give her BOO. Within 2 days her color was back, her swollen lymph nodes were no longer swollen, and her energy was better. She started putting weight back on and at the 2 month mark of her being back to normal I had her retested ($1000) with of testing. Almost everything except her spleen was back to normal and even that had showed great improvement. The FNA came back saying there was no signs of lymphoma and they really had no clue why she almost died. All I know is BOO undoubtedly fixed whatever was happening!!


Testimonial: “There is a animal dog group for B⭕⭕. This dog has confirmed cancer. Was scheduled for surgery. The hard ping pong ball sized tumor is shrinking. The dog who was lifeless and refusing food is playful and playful and eating good again (owner shared video). Last I heard surgery is canceled and the tumor is soft and size of pea now. She applied inside and outside on the dog and feeding the dog B⭕⭕.”


My boy was diagnosed with lymphoma a month ago. Real bad. In his esophagus & lungs. I started him on 1/8 tsp a day & his lymph nodes have significantly decreased in sized. He’s no longer coughing & seems to be doing so much better! They gave him 30 days. We passed that on July 15!


This link will take you to scientific articles on Fulvic Acid:

*Fulvic Acid Research links*: https://herbalandalternativemedicineuncensored.com/2021/07/25/fulvic-humic-acid-articles-and-research-links/?fbclid=IwAR0d2k78IGSY37Dnc-HTm47dJZxWVzfh8VRXvBTbCvsYoU-cAAn8v966z_M


Fulvic/Humic Acid Articles and Research Links

Please be aware that the fulvic/humic acid product I am recommending is of a special brand. It’s source is from a peat bog in Canada. Not all fulvic acid products are created equal.

Regarding Fulvic Acid and Cancer.  This site does not sell the preferred product but provides a good article on the effectiveness of fulvic acid.https://www.doctorsbeyondmedicine.com/listing/fulvic-humic-acid-cancer-diseasesfbclid=IwAR2gD0N_4n1_gGlxdChmGMnoeuE1C0KZvaDOPqUgsLj3d7_Zom97Q8A983Q

Fulvic Acid – A Substance Critical To Human Health:

Fulvic Acid Attenuates Resistin-Induced Adhesion of HCT-116 Colorectal Cancer Cells to Endothelial Cells. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26690142/

Impact of humic acids on the colonic microbiome in healthy volunteers. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5296205/?fbclid=IwAR3P7NhH57bb7vQcZArk4_mk2jbt9NplKD4UYzOQLe97udDAGu_9V1GoYwY

New strategic insights into managing fungal (Including fulvic acid) biofilms. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26500623/

Effect of humic substances on mitochondrial respiration and oxidative phosphorylation. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2953069

Conclusions: Our findings provide a molecular mechanism by which FA inhibits homocysteine-induced COX-2 expression in monocytes, and a basis for using FA in pharmaceutical therapy against inflammation. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25888188/

For Chronic Inflammatory Diseases that may include Diabeteshttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30276216/

Fulvic Acid And Allergies: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17485833/

Fulvic acid inhibits aggregation and promotes disassembly of tau fibrils associated with Alzheimer’s disease https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21785188/

 Fulvic acid promotes extracellular anti-cancer mediators from RAW 264.7 cells, causing to cancer cell death in vitrohttps://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1567576916301734?fbclid=IwAR0n4gAMDBEMDFgoWVy2MolcsX_-FNmhBI2u4L1-BpcDdCDdOz4vLOW3ylU

Effects of Fulvic Acid on Different Cancer Cell Lineshttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/321066130_Effects_of_Fulvic_Acid_on_Different_Cancer_Cell_Linesfbclid=IwAR2gMtlZPDYya38rt0reU47jUNBDWrJDurbYFMRthZhhTg32A9ncfRLFNt8

Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6151376/

Methodically and Scientifically Determine the Potential Effects of NuWTR Food Supplement on Mitochondria https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#sent/KtbxLvHLsGcplfmMDJTJVhqhrqFBhNdVdV?projector=1&messagePartId=0.1 


Look at all the articles listed on this page regarding Fulvic Acid. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2953069/

B⭕⭕ Fulvic Acid and Cancer.

Below are some testimonials regarding the use of B⭕⭕ when people had cancer. Boo was not used as a specific cancer treatment but with hopes of supporting the immune system.

Here we see the tumor lifting off.


I had cancer on my ear for years and I’ve been doing my soak and when I would do my mask I would put it on my ear as well and the cancer fall off last night in just 3wks. Thank you Jesus

(see that round white spot?)

Round white spot now gone.


My cat was dying…they had diagnosed her with lymphoma and gave her 3 months max. They had put her on prednisone. Six weeks into taking prednisone she was a skeleton and had turned jaundice, she was all yellow and weak. May 31st I decided to give her BOO. Within 2 days her color was back, her swollen lymph nodes were no longer swollen, and her energy was better. She started putting weight back on and at the 2 month mark of her being back to normal I had her retested ($1000) with of testing. Almost everything except her spleen was back to normal and even that had showed great improvement. The FNA came back saying there was no signs of lymphoma and they really had no clue why she almost died. All I know is BOO undoubtedly fixed whatever was happening!!


Testimonial: “There is a animal dog group for B⭕⭕. This dog has confirmed cancer. Was scheduled for surgery. The hard ping pong ball sized tumor is shrinking. The dog who was lifeless and refusing food is playful and playful and eating good again (owner shared video). Last I heard surgery is canceled and the tumor is soft and size of pea now. She applied inside and outside on the dog and feeding the dog B⭕⭕.”


My boy was diagnosed with lymphoma a month ago. Real bad. In his esophagus & lungs. I started him on 1/8 tsp a day & his lymph nodes have significantly decreased in sized. He’s no longer coughing & seems to be doing so much better! They gave him 30 days. We passed that on July 15!



B⭕⭕ TO YOU! Life Altering Healthcare Product and Protocol…Part 1

This is a collection of the B⭕⭕ testimonials I have gathered so far. You will be amazed. Because fB is starting to censor this product I am coding it.

What is fulvic acid? Start learning

The Best Ways To Use B⭕⭕: https://www.minds.com/AnonArrow/blog/best-ways-to-use-boo-1257787875997077504

Dr. Berg on fulvic Acid (2 minutes) 

To learn specifically about this B⭕⭕ product I will take you to another blog post specific to the B⭕⭕ product:


Now, Enjoy this collection of testimonials for a product called B⭕⭕ 


“Someone in a different group said they felt this natural shampoo helped stop hair from falling out so much. So took before picture of how much I loose brushing it out after washing it. The shampoo made no difference at all.

But huge HUGE difference from taking B⭕⭕ !!! After one month-1/4t twice daily. I’m no longer loosing handfuls of hair after washing it with regular shampoo.

I can see little short hairs growing in where my, bald receding hairline is also!”


The Tongue Challenge.. our tongues reflect our health and Chinese medicine has a whole study around the appearance of the tongue reflecting various health conditions.. People are finding that if boo is applied to the tongue for 30 seconds to a minute all the scum that couldn’t be removed before is gone. Some of this may be candida or other types of toxins.


Another tongue testimonial for fulvic acid B⭕⭕.. This condition is known as mapping on the tongue


I wish I would have taken a before this pic! My tongue was even worse than the 1st pic. It always had a thick white coat no matter how much I brushed/ cleaned. Not even peroxide would help. See that deep crack in the center? That was even worse. Last minute one night I decided to try brushing my teeth with B⭕⭕. I was so amazed that my tongue was actually pink again! Just 1 time of brushing is what the 1st pic is. I woke up the next morning literally spitting out white foamy type stuff. I brushed again this morning and this is the before and after. Look how much pinker and how the crack is healing! I’m blown away by what this stuff is doing!


“Are thy aware if the effect that yeast (Candida) can have on children?
I didn’t. I was clueless. Let me share.. there is SO MUCH to put here. I’m not going to type it all out right now. Those of you that have been around for the last few years know what a rollercoaster we have been on. I have never stopped digging. We get answers, start treatment and it doesn’t solve every issue. Sometimes it creates massive new problems. Sometimes it does nothing at all. Not good enough… I won’t stop. There is an answer for every issue. There is something to be found at a very basic level. More than covering symptoms. Where did those symptoms come from??? What very specific thing is happening??

Knowing that and digging deeper and deeper… it is exhausting to say the least! It has definitely not been a one path journey. It’s more like one path that branches off to 100 different places.

So during my many many hours of searching, talking to others in the same boat, learning as much as I can… I discovered yeast overgrowth. I had thought about it on and off for a while. One very rough day, multiple meltdowns later… I noticed the tongue appearance. And it stayed that way. 😳😳😳 I began searching for ways to get rid of excess yeast in the body. I learned how it’s connected to other issues. Fast forward a couple weeks and her tongue still looked the same.
A friend introduced me to BOO and I bought it hoping to help with everything from A-Z. We have been using it for 2.5 weeks now… and look 😭😭😭❤🙌🏼

This is just the beginning but I feel like we are definitely on the right track! Pink tongue. Candida coming out in stool. I won’t lie, the last couple days have been ROUGH with die off but this part won’t last! The meltdowns will go down again! Here is a quick link for a little more candida info.”



I had terrible leaky gut after 7 years of gastritis from H Pylori. All I could eat was veggie soup and I lost 16 kgs. I was utterly miserable and so sick! I invested thousands of dollars in tests, naturopaths and supplements. Nothing was working. I started taking B⭕⭕ two months ago without much hope…. and bugger me it’s working! My gut is the best it’s been since I got sick. I’m eating a wide variety of food, have put on three kgs and have found my love of food and cooking again. It was fine for me to drink it. Best of luck. 


I’ve seen several testimonials like this one showing dramatic reduction in bloating.

“The picture in the black pants is a couple weeks ago, the one in the gray is today. I took a Different kind of fulvic acid that was not in powder form, now I’m using boo in powder form.


Ive noticed that my waste line is better too, especially between the ribs and the belly button. Definately slimmer and better movement. “my first day was May 5th. I’ve lost 5 inches and 8 lbs. I take 1/4 tsp every morning. I attribute the lost inches to having better gut health, since I haven’t lost that much weight, and I also haven’t lost breast mass which is usually the first to go for me…yes just B⭕⭕ Weak abdomen from 4 babies and 1 c section plus poor gut health made me look constantly pregnant


Testimonial:  “These are pictures of my husband’s feet. He has done 3 foot baths and this represents the first and the 3rd foot bath before and after photos.
We have been healing from severe mold poisoning and this is likely systemic fungal overgrowth.
He does use a foot scraper afterward but I’ve been married to this beautiful man (feet aside) 😉 for 17 years and trust me, he’s scraped these feet many-a-time before. This stuff is amazing.”….


A Testimonial: “I never need to nap anymore, i used to nap everyday 2 hour’s or longer. I fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed. I expelled a ton of candida, no more back pain, I’ve lost 8 pounds. Been on it a little over a month now. Still have a lot left in the bag. Also give it time to work. It took 3 week’s before I started to pass candida.”


Here is another testimonial on the fulvic acid product I have been investigating… Please wait to purchase because this is a very specific fulvic acid … I will reveal after I have tried it..
“I have been taking for just under two month.
Internally : I started at 1/8 tsp in am, then upped to 1/4, then 1/4 am and 1/4 around noon.
Bath: (1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon) 1-3 times a week.
I have not applied a mask topically to my legs, just my face, chest, scalp and underarms.
It’s hard to get the lighting right but I’m watching my spider veins and they appear to be disappearing.”


Another Testimonial to B⭕⭕:

“I decided to break down and try Black Oxygen two days ago…

I will tell you I don’t feel like I did before and it’s as if my soul took over a different vessel! I am light in my feet, my arms and legs don’t feel as heavy and I just got a week worth of work for two people half way finished! That only happened in my younger days!!! This is so wierd but in a good way!

My mind is also alert and my boss saw a new me! Now she wants to try it! I don’t feel as if I’m not getting enough air in my lungs like I used to due to Athsma and my neighbor have also noticed the difference! Thank you D. O. for sending me the information!”


“Psoriasis sucks! It has been a 13 yr long battle for me. It can effect anyone, of all ages. I’m thiankful I didn’t have this when I was younger. I am considered severe. I have done every imaginable natural thing to try to heal from it. NOTHING, even long term, helped.
Since starting Boo, first week 1/8t two times a day, now taking 14t twice a day, want to increase amount but started to get a bit backed up and needed to get that resolved and it is now. The swelling and itch has stopped. It has remained calm longer than I have ever seen it.
I am very sensitive and self conscience of exposing this ugliness to anyone! So putting these photos up here is a real stretch for me😬
I will say that the before pictures and after pictures were taken in same location of the house, 1 hour after shower, at same time of day. AND NO FILTERS or editing.
I’m putting this up here to NOT give false hope. I will keep updating as healing progresses. Anyone with psoriasis knows it’s a slow healing process and this is showing excellent promise so far!
Please no negative comments🤫
You are welcome to share, if you know anyone with skin issues.”


Pain issues? Always of concern to me because I feel alt medicine does not always have that much to offer. Here’s a nice little B⭕⭕ testimonial

“I have (HAD) fibromyalgia and was taking gabapentin for years that helped but I did not want to keep taking it so I weaned myself off and was in so much pain was considering starting back on it and then I decided to try this magical dirt my sister told me about and within 2 days no more pain. I’m convinced this product is the answer to many, if not all of our health issues and will probably take this for the rest of my life!! 


my B⭕⭕!!”


Another amazing testimonial after 4 days of using B⭕⭕
“My Shulmans Syndrome!
This disease makes me swell all over my body! It has been 5 years since I seen normal legs. Look how Much swelling has left my face! My stomach has even went down! I had tons of swelling in it too.


“I’ve been taking this. product.. for 3 weeks now and am seeing many improvements with my skin and gut health. I mentioned I was taking this to my son’s ND and she suggested he take just a pinch in his water everyday.

“I’ve been taking this product for 3 weeks now and am seeing many improvements with my skin and gut health. I mentioned I was taking this to my son’s ND and she suggested he take just a pinch in his water everyday.

Since the pandemic and his age, his ADHD has peaked. I suspect some signs of his ASD has resurfaced, though we had eradicated most signs of and his school did not suspect it. He can not sit still, rocks in his chair, sputters and beatboxes while doing other activities. Socially he has not regressed, except for being very anxious about being alone.

He’s been on it for about 5 days now. I realized by the 3rd day he was not sputtering anymore and yesterday realized he was no longer rocking in his chair anymore. I’m an acupuncturist/FMP and I can’t believe he was so deficient in minerals and that I let it get to this point. 

But it’s sometimes harder to treat your own and I’m so grateful to find this product.


Another fulvic/humic acid B⭕⭕ testimonial. . Here we have a person suffering from some kind of cyst as he calls it on along the side of his foot. You can see how much larger that joint area looks….” I have a noticeable cyst on my big toe. These are my results after one 20 min boo foot soak… a before and after pic of my foot. ( please excuse the feet… I had pedicure later that day… lol) “…


Testimonial of Jeremy …… regarding the use of fulvic/humic acid.

My day:
Appointment with my psychiatrist went incredibly well. She has seen me at my absolute worst… with zero hope, and more or less just existing. She knows about my struggles and has been one of the best mental health professionals I’ve ever had. She was blown away and so happy for me that things are going well. I am no longer taking 45mg of Remeron and 90mg of Cymbalta. I hope to see her again one day, hopefully in a more casual setting. It was a great appointment.
Had lunch with my friend, MiIes. It was great to catch up for a bit.
Appointment with my Rheumatologist was weird.
My lab results that tested for the Rheumatoid factor is NEGATIVE. That’s the photo on the left with her signature. I also showed her my letter regarding my physical. She tried to tell me that Fulvic Acid was toxic and that I shouldn’t be taking it. I then placed a bag of nearly 5 months of arthritis medication on her desk…

I asked her how is it that I’m off my RA medication for 5 months… I then asked her how I managed to quit my antidepressants cold turkey… then I pointed to the letter where it says that my A1c (blood sugars) are completely controlled at 6.7… ALSO… I pointed out that my thyroid is completely NORMAL.
I was on 3 heart/ blood pressure medications. I am now only taking one. My blood pressure today was 135 / 88 and my pulse was 58… FIFTY FREAKING EIGHT!

I think something finally clicked with her though. She asked me what I was going to do with the medication in no longer taking. I told her that I’d keep getting it just in case someone else is forced to go through trying to get $4300 to spend on a month of pills. ANOTHER government program so that I can be tethered to these awful medications.

It turns out there was someone in need.
I ended up giving it all away to another gal who is struggling with the same pain. No insurance and the only thing that helps her is a $4300 medication that is tough to get.

We’ve been hoodwinked.

To find something like this and have the Dr who knows you best deny this, was a bit of a shock. And I understand why. A person with as many medical problems as I have, just does NOT get better.
If we want to speak about something being toxic…. I’ve been taking an average of 15 different medications for around a decade.
I’m now only on ONE!

So… what does toxic mean?
I love my Drs. They’ve all been incredible. I’m not angry with my Rheumatologist. I’m frustrated that she, along with millions of others have been lied to.

Today I feel liberated. I no longer have to worry about traveling and packing medication and worrying about having to get a refill or running out of a critical med.
Also included is a picture the gauntlet of medication I’d have to endure every morning… and the single medication I’m taking now.
(I also take a few additional supplements but they were obviously not up for a photo)
I’m just sharing what I’ve discovered, my friends.
The veil is being lifted.
God bless.

These are all the drugs that Jeremy got rid of after using BOO


Tooth Remineralization testimonial with Fulvic acid… I’m Just going to call it fulvic acid from now on but it has a good amount of humic acid in it too.

“Now, I have been doing a LOT to get these results and I feel that diet and nutrition are at the base of healing teeth, but without a healthy gut and optimal nutrient absorption, even the right diet can fail you. Fulvic up-levelled our game TREMENDOUSLY! It heals the gut and encourages nutrient absorption.
We brush, we ingest, we bathe, we basically do all the things 😅
***Edit to add: we have been working on this since November, but I didn’t see much progress until the last few weeks. I added in raw dairy and pasture raised eggs about 6 weeks ago (I saw some possible remineralisation after about 3 weeks of this, on her front teeth), and fulvic about 2-3 weeks ago for her, 3-4 for me (I am still breastfeeding). I wanna say 3 weeks between these pics, I’ll have to go check the dates. “


This is a fulvic/humic acid testimonial with dark field live microscopy as evidence of improvement. I know a little bit about reading these and in the first pic I see a lot of liver toxicity as shown in all the lines  in the background between the cells that is not there in the second picture.

“So, I’ve been fighting cancer almost 3 years, for what that information is worth.
I wanted to post about some improvement I’ve had that may be attributed to this product. I say “may be” because I was half-heartedly doing 2 other things. I have a microbiologist who looks at a drop of my blood under a microscope.

The last time I saw him (my first visit) he lined me out with a plan which included a strict change in diet and taking enzymes, exercise, prayer, laughter, positive attitude… Well, I took the enzymes about 60% of the time. My diet sucked and I didn’t do any of the other stuff (I prayed, always have). I started this product last Monday. Today I went for my recheck and confessed that I was mediocre at best and made a bunch of excuses as to why. He was a pretty put out with me.

So, when he saw my blood today we both almost fell out of our chairs. The difference is extreme even to the untrained eye so I thought I’d share the pictures. Look at all those juicy little cells! I truly feel like it’s mostly attributed to BOO since I did a terrible job with my 6 week assignment.”

(note: all those straight lines in the plasma  between the red blood cells are signs of liver toxicity which disappear in the next photo)


This woman had skin issues on her feet.. this is after only ONE foot soak in this fulvic acid product.


Here is another testimonial on the fulvic acid product I have been investigating… Please wait to purchase because this is a very specific fulvic acid … I will reveal after I have tried it..
“I have been taking for just under two month.
Internally : I started at 1/8 tsp in am, then upped to 1/4, then 1/4 am and 1/4 around noon.
Bath: (1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon) 1-3 times a week.
I have not applied a mask topically to my legs, just my face, chest, scalp and underarms.
It’s hard to get the lighting right but I’m watching my spider veins and they appear to be disappearing.”


Here we have a change in skin integrity after a couple weeks of oral use.


This woman reported improvement after a diagnosed autoimmune problem.. Unfortunately I misplaced her written testimonial but she said it was a rare condition that no one knew how to do anything about. It causes a redness and raised appearance to the veins.

She claims improvement after using BOO as seen in the picture above and below.


These photos show improvement in the Iris of the eye. You may not be familiar with this concept but the eyes truly are the mirror to the soul. When the body is toxic or ill the fibers will change appearance, often making little crypts or changes in color. You can see the crypts are filling in with new fibers as healing happens. Compare the shape and color of the crypts between June 21 and June 29. The woman claims that this is from using B⭕⭕ and a vegan diet, but Ive never seen an Iris change that fast from diet alone.

Left Eye

Right Eye

The above chart will help you to understand how the fibers of the iris can reflect the health of different organs and areas of the body.

There are also a lot of testimonials about parasites coming out of the body through the bottom of the feet during a B⭕⭕ foot bath as well as coming out with the stool after oral intake .. This gets kinda gross so I will make a separate blog post for this topic.