My Lyme Treatment Without Antibiotics

I had Lyme Complex Disease, diagnosed by dark field live blood analysis in its chronic form. You could see the spirochetes and cysts under the microscope in my blood and damages to cells that they caused. I had been bitten at least 6 months previously but had no rash or fever. I had also been bitten a couple of years previously for which I did have fever and did take doxycycline for 20 days. I don’t know which incident caused the active chronic Lyme.

Symptoms that drove me to the doctor again were severe fatigue, shortness of breath, horrible joint pains, memory loss and prone to collapse… and a lot of other lessor symptoms including restless legs, foot pain, heart fluttering. My diagnosis was made by dark field live blood analysis in a Naturopathic doctor’s office under the advisement of an MD that worked there at the time. I devised my own treatment protocol because I couldn’t afford their expensive IV treatments protocols that were recommended nor could I endure the 110 mile drive. I used colloidal silver ( at 3,600ppm) for 3.5 months which was helpful to a degree. I found this silver very effective for blood born candida which was seen in the blood analysis also. I also used Marcozyme enzymes to break open the Lyme cysts and then I took  the colloidal silver one hour after the enzymes, 3xd to go after the Lyme that comes out of the dissolving cysts. This was part of the naturopaths general protocol. I did the silver and the enzymes for about 3.5 months. When using the enzymes you separate them from from all food. They must go directly into the blood and not be digesting food in the gut.

At week 7.5 I went back for another dark filed live blood analysis. Lyme was was no longer seen in my blood and the candida was totally gon, but I still felt ill and still had Lyme symptoms, although improved but not seeing Lyme in the blood isn’t conclusive that it is fully gone.  My joint pain was gone. My mental functions were much better and eliminating the candida from my blood may have played significant role in that improvement.

I was able to cook dinner now at least without collapsing.

I also had Bartonella symptoms. At this point at 7.5 weeks I added Rife treatments using the Rife machine GB4000 with MOPA amp. It took me a good 7.5 weeks to find a used Rife and have it shipped from Canada. I purchased it off of Craig’s list. Do searches in all the major cities to find one, or just purchase a new one if you can afford it. Google GB4000 with MOPA. I developed a set of frequencies to use with the assist of others who had effectively treated their Lyme with Rife. From the day of diagnosis I also treated with Ozone RI, VI, ear insufflation and Sauna. I did VI (vaginal ozone insufflation) daily, often for 2 or 3 hours a day. The other applications I mixed daily though out the week. These protocols along with coffee enemas really helped with the sometimes painful and debilitating die off reactions caused by neurotoxins from the bacteria as they die. The ozone really helped me to feel better on a daily basis but I could see after a time that this protocol was not curative. I used colloidal silver for 3.5 months at very high dosages but I still was not getting fully well, but combined with rife I was getting much better. I had my mind back and most of my strength.

I used coffee enemas for headaches from detox and chlorella to help bind detox poisons. I also used Barlow’s LDM – Lomatium dissectum extract to boost my immune system for the first 3 months.

In the very beginning I had severe jaw, gum and tooth pain and it was actually an issue months before I knew I had Lyme disease. MMS mouthwashes eliminated this in short order.. maybe a week or two.

Because Lyme runs down the immune system so drastically, on my second blood exam lots of parasites were seen in the blood. I treated these with Barlow’s parasite tincture called Clarkia and felt much better after about 2 weeks, although it gave me quite a head ache for the first 5 days from detox. Coffee enemas help a lot.

By the beginning of the 4th month I still could tell I had Lyme but it was much better. I was now traveling and able to keep up. I also had to treat for Bartonella which could be seen in the blood also. My doc said that he couldn’t be sure if it was Bart or Babesia but my clinical symptoms directed me to Bart. Colloidal Silver did not help with the Bart as the symptoms continued over time unchanged while on the silver, but the shortness of breath did improve somewhat in the first few months which could have been a reduction in Lyme or Bart. Bart attacks the RBCs more so than Lyme does.

When I started to focus on Rife frequencies for Bart it went away in a few weeks. Bart needs to be treated twice a day due to its replication rate.

As Bart and Lyme got better other symptoms that I had from the start got much worse, to the point of really painful. This was confusing to me. A friend suggested that I give mycoplasma frequencies a try. This appears to have cured it so I am assuming I had mycoplasma. The frequencies are generally pretty specific per pathogen. Mycoplasma symptoms for me were restless leg, swelling in the lymphatics on inner thighs and groin and sharp stabbing pains in the thighs.This happens to be the area where I received the tick bite.

I am quite well today without the use of any conventional antibiotics.

I wouldn’t trust ozone therapy to cure Lyme, unless maybe if I had access to the 10 pass ozone protool. Its pretty expensive. I know a lot of people who use ozone for Lyme and reports of cure are far and few between and I’m even skeptical of those. Perhaps if you could do DIV (direct intravenous ozone) 3x a week it might work but you would have to do it for a long time I suspect. Lyme replicates at least twice a week but the cysts present other issues.

Because Lyme and their co-infections are so mysterious I still rife once a week. (at one year post my assumed cure) I don’t want any back sliding, but I have considered myself cured now for the last year. I did Rife treatments intensively for at least one year, totally leaving behind all the other stuff at 4 months.

These are the frequencies I used:

Lyme: 612, 2016, 432, and 840.6 which is believed to be specific for the cyst or some other more difficult form. 

When I finally added the 840.6 frequency I found it very helpful for the Neuro symptoms of twitching and shuddering in my spinal column.  It would cause a die off reaction of more twitching.. stop running the frequency and wait until this detox symptom passes, and that may take days or a week or two, then run the frequency again a few times and repeat the process. Eventually all twitching stoped and the frequency no longer caused twitching.  I believe this ended my Neuro Lyme.

Bartonella H.: 832 (and I always run it with the Lyme group even if no symptoms) you may have Bart. Q. so test for that, as it will require a different frequency.

Mycoplasma: Group 1 = 688, 690, 880.2, 254, 642, 644, 660, 690

Group 2 = 864, 986, 2,900, 688, 690, 880.2

Starts the sessions for only a couple of minutes each.. In a short time I was running them for 30 to 45 minutes each on carrier wave 3.300

My total cost for my treatment including the Rife Machine ($2,800 used from Craig’s list) was $3,400. I will never give up my ozone and Rife machines.

The clinic that helped me with diagnosis and some treatment protocols is located in Pocatello, Idaho. I believe that diagnostics via Igenix and western blot are deceptive and not necessary. Look into dark field live blood microscopy. There are many youtube videos on dark field and more and more doctors are using it.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Barbara (Arrow) Durfee

Addendum: No one, absolutely no one can tell you if you are cured or not, regardless of what type of treatment that you use or test that you do. I recommend that those who follow a Rife protocol continue rifing at least every two weeks after they believe that they are well. That being said, I go for months now without treatments.

Learn the government history of Lyme Disease here:

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