Clotting for the Masses -Warning: Gross Factor

I’m tracking things as closely as I can. One tidbit of information that has come my way from a number of directions is that nurses and other healthcare workers have been reporting that there are an awful lot of strokes and heart attacks in the ER these days, way more than typical.

Now we have surgeons or nurses putting up photos of what they have been removing from people’s bodies when they come into the ER with symptoms like shortness of breath, with extreme headaches, with signs of blood clots in the legs.

I report.

You decide.

This is reported to be the results of surgery from a vacks senated person who also had Ko Vidian disease. Please excuse my need to code certain words as this blog post is taken to sites that practice extreme censorship.

What would inspire a surgeon or nurse to release these types of pictures to the public?

They are trying to tell you something. Show you something. They know!

From the Same Surgery

This is from a different surgery, reportedly from the Aorta.

Where a clot lodged in the leg.

This video demonstrates through Chinese Cupping how the blood is clotting from vacks senated people. This is not normal with cupping.

The above woman from Minnesota lost her legs and hands due to blood clots causing necrosis and gangrene.

Different, but in a similar vein, is the issue of excessive bleeding from the shot. This is a result of a fall after a third booster, photographed by the man’s chiropractor.. So no breaks. In all my years of nursing I have not seen a bruise like this on anyone that did not have a blood disorder.

People are now researching all over the world. One aspect of research includes looking at the blood of vacks senated people under the microscope.

In Germany, Dr Axel Bolland, a naturopth, has taken photos of this patients blood under microscope. Here we have one of his patients who had a photo on file from before he got the vacks seens as seen in the left on this picture. This is very normal looking blood under dark field live blood microscopy. In the middle picture you can see how the blood looks at 4 hours after the vacks seen, and the last picture, 6 weeks later. When red blood cells are stacked up and stuck together like that the risk of blood clots increases as well as depletion of oxygen levels in the blood! I don’t know what those ribbon like structures are but I do know that they are not normal and would never be seen in healthy blood.

In the following video you will see the results of German researchers from leading German Universities regarding the effects of the vacks seens. It also includes further clinical research from Dr Axel Bolland and other researchers from the EU. One researcher further investigates the appearance the vacks seen solutions under microscope. Now I have seen a total of 4 different researchers who have looked at the contents of the Pfizer and Moderna solutions under microscope and it is not looking good. Links to those videos follow this one.

Pathologists from Germany do 10 post mortem exams related to the ⛏ with internal peer review… with English translation…. then a German naturopathic doctor speaks about what he is finding in his patients regarding very low white blood cell counts after the jab. Then a researcher from Austria, who says 35 other groups are examining the vials closely and finding unknown and dangerous particles in the vials of vacks seens.

Dr Young is a long time resercher and a proponent for alternative medicine. He wrote the book PH Miracle which many of you might be familiar with. His main speciality is microscopic work where he can see what is actually in the blood. Something your regular doctor is incapable of.

Dr. Young’s work in microscopic examination of the vials is found in this report:

Doctors All Over The World URGENT Warnings Of Taking The Covid 19 Vaccine:

Byam Bridle is a professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph in Canada. His letter to the president of his university is a ten-megaton bomb directed at vaccine mandates.

In the old days of Satanism and Moloch worship, and amongst the Mayan, Aztec and other native traditions, human sacrifice was done to appease the gods, to bring forth desired outcomes for the sustenance of the people or organization or war or whatever the social agenda was at the time.I was talking with someone the other day about how so many were dying from the vaccine. That person showed me, imaging with imaginary scales, the weight of the dead from vaccines compared to the weight of the dead from covid with no vaccines, indicating that the weight of the dead from vaccine was worth the prevention of the dead from Ko vid… hundreds of thousands vs millions.

We are witnessing ritual sacrifice.

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