Tanking of The T Cell Count After the Pokaroo

Dr Nathan Thompson examined the blood of a patient after the first and second ⛏. The results are very disturbing. https://ugetube.com/watch/my-jaw-dropped-when-i-tested-someone-039-s-immune-system-after-the-2nd-jab_UlxihC6PzheaWdl.html

Screen shot of blood work after the second poke from the above video:

German Naturopath Dr Axel Bolland presents this chart that shows tanking of WBC counts. Zellen means cells in German. T cells reflect a significant change in patient condition. We typically find T cell counts like this in AIDs patients. This is a decimation of the immune system response.

 Pathologists from Germany do 10 post mortem exams related to the ⛏ with internal peer review… with English translation…. then a German naturopathic doctor, Dr Alex Bolland reports about what he is finding in his patients regarding very low white blood cell counts after the ⛏ at 1:18 on the time scroll. Then a researcher from Austria show us her findings after looking at the solutions of the leading vacks seens and this is very concerning. She says says 35 other groups are examining the vials closely and finding unknown and dangerous particles in the vials.


I apologize for having to use silly words and symbols. This is necessary to avoid censorship on some platforms where opinions and research that are counter to the state approved narrative are not permitted.

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